Redwood Technologies completes MIG accreditation

Redwood Technologies Ltd is the latest technology provider to partner with the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).  

storm®, the communications integration platform™ created by Redwood Technologies, routes all NHS 111 voice traffic across London and is used by advisors to record and retrieve information about patients who have called the service.

The platform has been accredited for the Detailed Care Record (DCR) service, which will allow call handlers to quickly identify a patient and view detailed information about their medical history. Having this information immediately available will make it easier for them to provide an accurate and timely response to a medical emergency.

“It’s fantastic to have Redwood Technologies as our newest partner and we look forward to working with them on the Healthy London project. 999 and 111 teams in North East and East Midland have already benefited from the MIG, which has helped to prioritise ambulances, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and save time in emergency care situations. We hope that this success can be replicated by the NHS 111 services across London.” Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Healthcare Gateway.

“We are delighted to have entered into partnership with the Medical Interoperability Gateway. We are already seeing fantastic results with the communications services and integrations we’ve deployed across NHS 111 London, including significant improvements in call closing and ambulance call-out reduction. The integration of our storm Special Patient Note Lookup service with the MIG API will provide important frailty index data, enabling advisors to better assess a patient’s condition and making it easier to help citizens across the capital when they need it most. We look forward to working together to make London healthier.” James Collett, Senior Applications Engineer, Redwood Technologies.

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To speak to one of our team about becoming a MIG partner please call 0845 601 2642 or email You can also watch our partner animation which demonstrates the process.