Comparing the MIG to direct integration

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) connects different types of healthcare applications.

It provides an interoperability solution, which facilitates a two way exchange of patient data between different organisations and settings.

Direct integration requires systems to work together and it only connects two systems. Where direct integration isn’t possible, a middleware technology is needed to bridge the gap. The MIG is recognised as the leading middleware technology as it can broker a connection between lots of different systems.

What are the benefits of using the MIG?

The MIG is different to direct integration as it provides:

  • an ‘off the shelf’ product which can be implemented straight away
  • a two way exchange of patient information between local care settings
  • multiple connections between different types of clinical applications and organisations
  • information about all of the services involved in a patient’s care within a single application
  • a fully managed service which includes consultancy, support, development and implementation.