We’re at the heart of NHS innovation and the Medical Interoperabilty Gateway (MIG) is leading the way for interoperability standards of the future.

The MIG adopts all of the national interoperability standards including the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) V1, V2 and HL7.

Why do we need national standards?

The UK healthcare system adopts many different information systems from different vendors, within a single organisation and across multiple organisations.

This means that there needs to be a common language and set of expectations that enable interoperability between different systems and/or devices.

Creating national standards makes it possible to exchange consistent and readable patient between all types of healthcare professionals. .

Information Centre Interoperabilty Toolkit (ITK)

The ITK is a set of common specifications, frameworks and implementation guides to support interoperability across local health and social care organisations.

It was developed by NHS ICT directors and representatives from the clinical community to provide a unified specification for system interoperability within the NHS.

It includes a series of common specifications which are policed through the ITK accreditation scheme.

Healthcare Gateway is ITK accredited, here’s our certificate.