Local care records

Sharing patient information in one place helps the NHS to provide coordinated and effective care. 

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) can facilitate multiple connections between lots of different healthcare systems. It can also provide live feeds of patient data to a shared end point, such as a local care record

What is a local care record?

A local care record is a central data system, which provides healthcare professionals with a single point of access to all available patient information for a particular area.

How can we help?

The MIG can source patient data from any type of health or care system. This information is then fed into the shared system, where it’s managed by the host supplier.

If you are planning to create a bespoke care record, we can work with you to ensure your system is seamlessly integrated with the MIG.

Who we work with

The MIG supports a number of local care records across the country.

Local Care records we work with

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