Becoming an accredited partner

If you supply systems to health or social care organisations, you could benefit from Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) accreditation.

The MIG is compatible with any type of system and provides an effective way of sharing real time patient data between different systems.

We already partner with a wide range of system providers, which help us to supply more than 60% of the Clinical Commissioning Groups with the patient information they need, when they need it. Take look at our list of MIG accredited partners.

What is the MIG accreditation process?

To partner with us, your system(s) must to be accredited for the MIG. This is a quick and easy process.

Step one – Start today by registering on our website.

Step two – Once registered, our dedicated partner relationship manager will be in touch and you will receive access to our development pack, which includes all the information you will need to connect with the MIG.

Step three – If you need any support, our technical integration team are on hand to support you throughout the process.

Steph four – Congratulations, your system is accredited, allowing your customers to gain access to patient data.

What are the benefits of MIG accreditation?

The MIG can link with any system and is already being used to share 30 million patient records across England.

  • No cost involved
  • Your customers will benefit from an enhanced system, which provides live patient data
  • 24/7 access
  • The MIG has a robust infrastructure, which automatically locates all the available information about a patient, which may be stored in different systems.
  • Being able to present all of this data in a single application allows the user to find the details they need without switching between different systems.
  • This helps the user to streamline communications, reduce admin time and provide safer, more joined up care.

Providing Data

We aim to increase the availability of specialist patient data by sharing different types of data between all types of health and social care organisations.  If you would like to enable your system as a provider to share information via the MIG, you will need to be accredited as a data provider. To discuss what’s involved and the costs of becoming a data provider, please call 0845 601 2642 or email

Find out more

To speak to one of our team about becoming a MIG partner please call 0845 601 2642 or email