Shared Record Viewer

The Shared Record Viewer (SRV) is an independent web portal which provides healthcare professionals with instant access to the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

It can be accessed through the HSCN/N3 and allows users to search for patients and view their medical records without an existing clinical system.

SRV is compatible with all mobile devices and provides the perfect solution for workers who need to access information on the move in different locations.

What’s included?

SRV provides to access to the Detailed Care Record and Specialist Datasets. This allows the user to view patient information from organisations which are connected to the MIG. EMIS Health, TPP and Microtest and INPS are just some of the system providers which are sharing data with the MIG.

Instant access to palliative care data

The video below demonstrates the categories of palliative care data which can be accessed through the SRV.

What are the benefits?

SRV will help your organisation to:

  • reduce duplication of effort and errors in patient management
  • improve data sharing with multiple health and social care services
  • reduce paper correspondence and administrative overheads.

Data security

Data sharing agreements guarantee data security and you’ll be provided with full authenticated logins and audit trail functions.

What do our customers say?

Find out how Cumbria CCG have benefited from using the SRV to share GP records between a wide range of local care providers.

What’s the cost?

The cost for Shared Record Viewer is based on the number of user licences requested by the customer. To find out how we can tailor a package for you, call 0845 601 2642 or request a quote.