We provide a fully managed service which supports, develops and implements the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

What is the MIG?

The MIG is a secure middleware technology which enables the two-way exchange of patient information between local healthcare settings.

It provides real-time patient information where its needed, when it’s needed. This has helped the NHS to improve the efficiency and standard of care by reducing un-necessary hospital appointments and duplicate examinations.

Why is the MIG different?

Unlike other technologies, the MIG doesn’t use a repository to store data. This means that clinicians at the point of care will always have access to a live feed of data which includes the most up to date information about the patient.

The MIG uses service discovery to locate patient data which is held across different systems. It identifies all the services involved in a patient’s care and presents this information in a single application.

What are the benefits of the MIG?

By integrating with the MIG healthcare professionals can benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to patient information
  • streamlined communications
  • increased patient contact
  • reduced admin time and costs.

Which services are provided by the MIG?

The MIG provides a number of core services which include the Detailed Care Record, Specialist Dataset, Document Services and the Shared Record Viewer.


Take a look at which health and social care settings are already connected to the MIG.

What’s the cost?

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