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What solutions can we provide?

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) is a secure middleware technology which enables the two-way exchange of patient information between health and social care organisations.

It provides real-time patient information where its needed, when it’s needed. This has helped the NHS to improve the efficiency and standard of care by reducing unnecessary hospital appointments, duplicate examinations and improve patient pathways.

Our Specialist Datasets provide organisational feeds of patient information from a wide range of healthcare settings.

Healthcare professionals can use them to plan complex care for patients who require long-term or end-of-life care. 

Our Specialist Datasets include, End-of-Life, Care Plan, Emis Web Community Viewer, Adult Social Care, Childrens, Community, Mental Health and Acute datasets. 

All our datasets provide specific patient information which can be used alongside data from the Detailed Care Record (DCR).

Document Services is a feature of the Medical Interoperability Gateway, which allows health and care organisations to share clinical correspondence electronically.

This information can be attached to the relevant medical record and sender receives an electronic receipt once the document has been delivered. Further acknowledgement is provided once the message has been filed or rejected by the recipient.

The Detailed Care Record (DCR) provides ten categories of information from a patient’s GP record.

It gives healthcare professionals 24/7 access to live data, which can help them to make informed clinical decisions faster. Data can be viewed in a single application and shared with other organisations to provide integrated care for the patient.

The Shared Record Viewer (SRV) is an independent web portal which provides healthcare professionals with instant access to the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

It can be accessed through the HSCN/N3 and allows users to search for patients and view their medical records without an existing clinical system.

SRV is compatible with all mobile devices and provides the perfect solution for workers who need to access information on the move in different locations.

Additional solutions

MIG Awareness Sessions

Our MIG Awareness Sessions will provide your users with the knowledge they need to get the most out of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

MIG Reporting Service Icon

Enhanced Reporting Service

The MIG Enhanced Reporting Service provides an insight into the utilisation of MIG services within your organisation. The reports are delivered monthly and include a spreadsheet of raw data and a PDF file.

Marketing Communications Package icon

Marketing Communications Package

Our Marketing Communications Package will support the roll out of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to your stakeholders.

The MIG connects over 4500 health and social care organisations across the UK.

If you have a question about the MIG or would like more information any of our solutions, get in touch.