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What is the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)?

The MIG is a secure middleware technology which enables the two-way exchange of patient information between health and social care organisations.

It provides real-time patient information where its needed, when it’s needed. This has helped the NHS to improve the efficiency and standard of care by reducing unnecessary hospital appointments, duplicate examinations and improve transition of care.

The MIG provides a number of core solutions which include Detailed Care Record, Document Services, Shared Record Viewer and a wide range Specialist Datasets from GP, health and social care.

We're more than just a technology provider

We have the right people and act as a trusted adviser to our customers to help them to fulfill interoperability projects inline with the national strategy. 

We work across the health and social care landscape from NHS Trusts to Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), to help our customers deliver local and scalable projects to provide more efficient, safer joined up care.


We’re at the heart of NHS innovation and the Medical Interoperabilty Gateway (MIG) is leading the way for interoperability standards of the future.

The MIG adopts all of the national interoperability standards including the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) V1, V2 and HL7.

Why not direct integration?

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) connects different types of healthcare applications.

Direct integration requires systems to work together and it only connects two systems. 

Where direct integration isn’t possible, a middleware technology is needed to bridge the gap.


We're a fully managed service

We are the sole provider of the MIG and offer a fully managed service which is tailored to your organisation. 

Our innovative development team are leading the way for healthcare interoperability. 

Our dedicated projects team are PRINCE2 qualified, managing projects of all sizes. 

Our experienced support team can answer your questions and provide technical assistance.

The MIG connects over 4500 health and social care organisations across the UK.

If you have a question about the MIG or would like more information any of our solutions, get in touch.