Cumbria CCG – Any GP record, any healthcare setting

Cumbria CCG have implemented the Shared Record Viewer (SRV) to enable clinicians to search and access patients’ medical records from any healthcare system.


Accessing the rich information that the GP patient record holds was a necessary, yet time consuming task for acute clinicians. To connect the GP data with the hospitals, the GP practices needed to share their data.

William Lumb, CCG lead in Cumbria explained, “The Shared Record Viewer is fundamental to the way we treat our patients. Healthcare Gateway had the correct information governance and allowed us to share appropriately. It doesn’t need to be integrated into another system and can be accessed by a single sign on. It gives a real-time cut of the GP records. Data quality is vital and that’s what it supplies; a single version of the truth.”

Peter Skelhorn Head of IM&T Training at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust added, “The Shared Record Viewer via the MIG was a way of gaining instant access to the patient’s record, without relying on the GP practice and spending time finding the information. Having the patient’s medical history on hand helps to reduce the risk of treating a patient incorrectly and helps to support their ongoing care. Deployment was simple and the project leaders at Healthcare Gateway were helpful and straightforward. I can’t recommend them highly enough”.

How have they benefited?

Dr Lumb explained how Cumbria have benefited from the MIG, “It’s cost effective there’s no two ways about it. It’s mining into the rich patient information already collected to help provide efficient and better delivery of care. I think in totality this project will pay for itself.”

SRV has helped them to the capture an aggregate data in one application, This has helped them to meet their paperlight targets and transfer information quickly to make a real difference at the point of care.

“After seeing the Shared Record Viewer, the clinicians were enthusiastic and looking forward to it,” says Peter Skelhorn, who helped to train staff such as consultants, specialist registrar and nurse practitioners on how to use the system. “It’s a doddle to use, if someone can use, they can use the MIG.”

What’s next?

In the future, Cumbria CCG is planning on using SRV in mental health services, third sector organisations such as community pharmacy and tertiary care centres such as cardiothoracics and oncology.