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Healthcare professionals from Medway Community Healthcare are using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to securely view GP patient records.


South East Commissioning Support Group (CSU) were commissioned by Medway CGG to manage the implementation of the MIG across Medway Community Healthcare.

By implementing the MIG it has created a secure way of sharing real-time GP patient records between different organisations across Medway.

What did they do?

The MIG was directly integrated into the Adastra system used by GP out of hours services. This was followed by integration with the Adastra Cross Care community system, which is used by community nurses.

How have they benefited?

Anthony Couperthwaite, Project Lead for the South East CSU said, “The MIG fits the bill as it’s a well-rounded product which adds value to the way clinicians work. There is a drive for interoperability and sharing patient records, the MIG delivers this notion.”

He added, “Real time access to the GP records cuts out past issues, such as security breaches and saves time.”

Increased requests for patient data

The MIG has been well received by clinicians at Medway Community Healthcare. In the period since the MIG went live in their community systems (01/07/2016 – 31/10/2016), there’s been more than 700 requests for patient data each month. This represents average monthly increase of more than 15% compared to the previous period (01/01/16 31/06/16).

One system of information

By integrating the MIG with their existing clinical system its meant GP patient information can be securely viewed through a single portal. This has made it much quicker and easier for clinicians to access the patient information they need.

Enhanced patient contact

The MIG has helped Medway Community Healthcare to reduce clinical and admin time spent contacting GP surgeries for patient information. Having access to this information in one place has led to enhanced patient care.

Support for district nurses

Patient data provided by the MIG has also been used by district nurses. Using the MIG Detailed Care Record they now access information such as conditions, medications and procedures, which was previously unavailable.

Implementation of the MIG

Anthony Couperthwaite explained, “Implementation was a straight forward process. With a proactive and reactive implementation team on hand at Healthcare Gateway, we kept the project moving and issues were resolved promptly.”

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