Teleologic accredited for acute data sharing

Teleologic are now a live data provider to the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). This means the MIG can share patient data from the Teleologic Patient Content Store (PCS) with any other health and care service. 

Providing primary, community, mental health and social care staff with acute patient information will help them to make better, informed decisions about a patient’s care, once they’ve been discharged from hospital.

“Effective data sharing is crucial to the integration of local care services and the MIG provides an effective way of bringing together different services. We’re delighted that Teleologic will now be using the MIG to share patient information in and out of their system and we look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.” Peter Anderson Managing Director, Healthcare Gateway.

“The flexibility of MIG architecture enabled Teleologic to provide MIG end-users with exactly the views of clinical content that they had requested from their acute care provider. The MIG technical team made the development process very straight-forward for Teleologic’s software developers.” Hugh Scott, Managing Director, Teleologic Ltd.

East Kent Hospitals are the first Teleologic customer to share hospital data with other clinicians, dealing with a patient’s care. Using the MIG, they will provide GP practices across Kent and Medway with access to this data.

More information about this project will be available in due course.

To find out more about the accreditation process and the benefits of integrating with the MIG, go to the partner section of our website.