Strata Health and Healthcare Gateway – A partnership to improve patient flow

Strata Health’s cloud solution for patient flow and eReferrals, Strata Pathways, is now accredited for the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to consume structured patient data in real time.

PathWays is an innovative cloud technology designed to match patients’ clinical needs and preferences to available and appropriate resources, system wide and in real time. The system has been accredited for the MIG’s Detailed Care Record (DCR) and Document Services to improve patient centred coordinated care.

The solution is currently being rolled out across North Cumbria and Morecambe Bay CCG’s, Cumbria to support clinicians in making informed decisions faster. By integrating structured data into PathWays, patient information can be viewed within a single application and shared with other organisations.

By collaborating, the availability of MIG data will enable clinicians to:

  • Speed up hospital discharges and outbound referrals
  • Speed up primary care referrals to community, acute and 3rd sector providers
  • Spend less time on paperwork by supporting the exchange of clinical documents between healthcare providers
  • Create the ability to track all referrals in real time across a whole health and care community along with appropriate quality assurance and audit processes
  • Enable a seamless transition of patients into care settings.

“We’re delighted that Stata Health is the latest organisation to partner with the MIG. The real time availability of structured data today and direct flow of clinical correspondence via the MIG straight into PathWays demonstrates the versatility of the MIG and its robust architecture to integrate with any system. We look forward to working with Strata Health to power systems with MIG data to deliver healthcare professionals with patient data at the point of care.” Liam King, Director of Commercial and Customer Experience, Healthcare Gateway.

“The Detailed Care Record, is a responsive solution provided by the MIG; The service is delivered using a robust architecture and is coupled with well defined, structured, customisable datasets, in close to real-time, unlike other services. Document services, provides support for a wide range of clinical documents, document formats and delivery to the required downstream provider. A great extension for any clinical system within the integrated care setting.” Wasim Shabir, Director of Interoperability, Strata Health.

To find out more about the accreditation process and the benefits of integrating with the MIG, go to the partner section of our website. To find out if the system you use is a Healthcare Gateway partner, use our Partner search function here.