Rochdale Borough Council – One record for health and social care

Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) are using the Medical Interoperability Gateway to provide social care staff with real time GP data.


With an increased focus on local integration, the council were keen to find a way of viewing primary care information electronically.

They felt that this type of data sharing would help staff to understand the full context of a patient’s care and enable different teams to work more closely.

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group were already using the Shared Record Viewer but RBC were keen to present MIG data within their existing system.

What did they do?

We integrated the MIG with their Liquidlogic Adult Social Care System to provide a number of localities across Rochdale with access to the Detailed Care Record.

Staff can now access a patient’s GP record, which includes medication (current, past and issues), risks and warnings, procedures, investigations, encounters, admissions and referrals, alongside their social care data.

How have they benefited?

Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Manager for Rochdale Borough Council said, “The MIG provides staff with the full picture. They can view additional information about the patient, which helps them to make informed decisions faster. We were pleased that the Healthcare Gateway team were able to lead the conversations with Liquidlogic and their experience of similar projects was invaluable”.

Single system of information

Extracts from the GP record are presented in the host system alongside the existing social care data. This makes the information more accessible and removes the need for staff training.

Providing single system access within a case management system they are already familiar with and removing multiple log ins, makes it easier for care professionals to consider all of the available patient data. This helps the individual to make informed, clinical decisions faster.

Less admin and improved coordination of care

Social care staff across Rochdale can now view GP records 24 hours a day. This has reduced calls to the surgeries and streamlined communication between different organisations. Colleagues are now working collectively, which has reduced admin and created more time for patient contact.

The MIG has also improved the data security, as records are no longer shared by fax.

CQC ratings

Good information underpins good care and RBC feel that the MIG may contribute to enhanced CQC ratings in the future.  

“Sharing and handling data is crucial and the CQC expects providers to maintain accurate, complete and detailed patient records. The MIG provides an effective way of doing this by joining up different services”. Scott Moseley, MIS Portfolio Manager for Rochdale Borough Council.

What next?

Rochdale are planning to share social care data with GP and emergency care services in their next phase of work.

Find out more

To arrange an online demonstration or to find out how the MIG is being used in your area, please call 0845 601 2642.