The partner relationship experience

Mark Allen, Partner Relationship Manager for Healthcare Gateway, talks about the importance of MIG accreditation and how we’re helping to join up the UK care system. 

I joined the business in February 2017 to help engage with our existing and newly accredited partners on a daily basis. Our partners are typically large IT software companies who provide electronic patient record systems for the NHS and other allied health sectors.

I help to support the business from a commercial perspective, helping to evaluate potential new strategies. I have ten years’ experience working in the financial and corporate banking sector. Prior to joining the Healthcare Gateway team I was a vendor relations manager at a global IT firm. I managed a business portfolio worth more than £8 million in annual revenue.

Building relationships

Creating and maintaining strong relationships with healthcare software providers is integral to the success of the MIG. The MIG has already been integrated with more than 50 different systems, which allows healthcare professionals from primary, secondary and tertiary care services to access crucial patient data at the point of care.

At the moment I feel we have only scratched the surface in terms of the type of partners we work with. During the next 12 months I want to meet with new partners from allied health sectors to demonstrate how the MIG can present additional patient data within their existing systems.

I spend most of my time engaging with existing partners to strengthen our relationships with them. I typically spend three days a week travelling to meet potential partners which supply IT software for the NHS.  This helps to identify the challenges they face in sharing patient data, and allows me to demonstrate the benefits of becoming a MIG accredited partner.

Joined up health

I have a strong passion to try and bring a more joined up system of care to the industry. I see the healthcare sector as a cohesive unit where real-time data should be easily accessible across all settings. I would like to see the MIG rolled out to new sectors such as prisons and dentists in the future.

The future

By the end of 2018 I would like to have five new data provider organisations accredited. I would also like to see the enhanced MIG rolled out to all our existing customers. We are committed to Open standards and in line with this strategy are working with NHS Digital and InterOpen to integrate FHIR standards to support information sharing.

Find out more

To find out more information about becoming an accredited partner take a look at our new partner animation or call 0845601 2642.