NHS Kernow wins prestigious technology award

NHS Kernow wins ‘Best use of IT to support clinical treatment and care’  at the 2015 EHI Awards.

Winners were announced at a ceremony in Central London last night.  NHS Kernow received the award for rolling out Microtest Guru’s cutting-edge technology across Cornwall, improving patient care and safety and joining up healthcare across the region.

Paul Jacka, Deputy Chief Finance Officer for IT at NHS Kernow, said: “NHS Kernow are so pleased with this announcement and award, and thank all involved, recognising Microtest and Guru in their achievement. Winning this well respected award and being recognised by our peers within the healthcare IT sector for our achievements is a great honour. We are all absolutely thrilled. We will continue to roll this solution out more widely to ensure the right clinical information is at the point of care to aid patient care and safety.”

NHS Kernow deployed Microtest’s Guru in urgent care and acute settings across Cornwall to give clinicians immediate access to detailed electronic patient records to enhance treatment and care.

Where a patient is not registered in Microtest GP practices, the Detailed Care Record is utilised to share in real time, a rich patient record from Primary Care. Providing the correct governance is in place, this is fully embedded into the Microtest Guru application meaning that whichever Primary Care Clinical System is in use valuable patient data is available.

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust’s pharmacy has used the technology since 2013 for accurate and up-to-date clinical medication history information to help get appropriate medication to patients as quickly as possible. This has now been extended to give clinical staff 24-hours a day access, providing faster intervention by healthcare workers and a safer patient pathway.

Dr Neil Davidson, Medical Director at West Cornwall Hospital, says:  “To me, Guru is a huge success story. West Cornwall Hospital covers a very wide area of Cornwall and has a catchment of some 200,000 patients, but works outside of GP hours. For patient safety we needed to access patient records. Patients often arrive by ambulance and may forget to tell us many things about their medical history and medication. This often happened when the patient’s practice may have been closed. What I like about Guru is that it provides immediate access to patient records and is intuitive and very simple to learn. Almost every day I have a ‘success story’. We were able to treat someone straightaway as we had access to an ECG on their GP patient record. It is saving us time that can be better spent treating someone, and it is often the sickest patients that benefit the most.”

Beverley Bryant, Director of Digital Technology at NHS England, said “Congratulations to NHS Kernow for their achievement in winning this prestigious IT award. The work they have undertaken by using technology to improve patient care, safety and joining up healthcare across the region has now been recognised on a national level and the award is well deserved”.

Joy Youart, Managing Director at NHS Kernow, said: “We are delighted to once again be recognised nationally for our innovative approaches to deliver high quality patient care.”