MIG accreditation supports integration of care

We’re partnering with Arjuna Technologies to provide views of GP data within a unique user interface, which will support high risk and vulnerable families across the North East.

The bespoke system has been accredited for the Detailed Care Record service and is at the heart of the Smart Interventions for Local Vulnerable Families (SILVER) project , which aims to supply patient data to local authority early intervention teams.

The SILVER project is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Arjuna Technologies, Open Lab, Connected Health Cities North East and North Cumbria and five local councils in the North East

As part of this pilot project, the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) will provide support workers from the local councils with access to key information from the GP record.

“The MIG already plays a key role in supplying real time patient data for the Great North Care Record and we welcome the opportunity to support healthcare integration across the region. We’re looking forward to our involvement in the SILVER project and working with the partner organisations to provide healthcare professionals with the information they need to deliver effective care for vulnerable families.” Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Healthcare Gateway.

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