LPRES viewer completes fastest MIG accreditation

The Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service (LPRES) viewer is an in house developed system, which has been accredited for the enhanced Detailed Care Record (DCR) service in just two weeks.

This means the application can now consume GP patient data as HTML views.

Beverly Roberts, Programme Manager at LPRES said:

“The accreditation process begins with simply registering on the Healthcare Gateway website. Once registered you will have full access to the development pack. You will have full support of the technical integration team on hand throughout the process. ”

 Paul Bradley, Software Developer, LPRES project explained:

“The accreditation process was straight forward. The documentation contained within the SDK pack was clear and easy to understand. The support team responded to technical questions promptly, which helped to quickly turn around the accreditation process. Having access to the enhanced DCR views is going to provide huge benefits to all our health care professional providing direct care to patients .”

Benefits of the LPRES and MIG partnership

By collaborating and sharing information about patients and service users across care boundaries, we aim to provide care givers with access to the right information, at the point of care. This will lead to:

  • improved continuity of care
  • safer services for patients
  • a reduction in unnecessary diagnostic tests
  • less paperwork and more efficient services
  • greater access to data for providers of care, patients and their carers.

Find out more                  

To speak to one of our team about becoming a MIG partner please call 0845 601 2642 or email partner@healthcaregateway.co.uk.  You can also watch our partner animation which demonstrates the process.