Leeds Care Record adds community, mental health and adult social care

Leeds Care Record are now using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to share GP data with adult social care, mental health and community care organisations.

The MIG has previously been used to share GP data with hospitals, and by connecting additional settings, it means more health care professionals will have access to valuable patient information at the point of care.

Alastair Cartwright, director of informatics for three clinical commissioning groups in Leeds, explained that there are now 4,000 active users, a huge leap from April 2016 when there was 2,500 users.

Out of the 4,000 active users, roughly 1,900 are hospital users, 1000 general practice users, 600 community users, 250 mental health and 160 social care.

Cartwright, explained that; “while it’s certainly not everything” the record shows “a limited but useful set of data”.

Leeds Care Record is a secure health and social care record, which aims to provide better care through integration of local care services.

All 106 GP practices across Leeds have signed up to the shared care record, which uses our Detailed Care Record to provide a summary of patient data such as consultations, medications, allergies and tests.