Healthcare Gateway MIG updates: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Supporting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

As a healthcare technology service provider, Healthcare Gateway shares real-time vital care information across health and care in the NHS using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). We’re committed to supporting the NHS during this critical time.

The MIG content model is being updated to include COVID-19 SNOMED CT concepts from all GP system providers. For EMIS, and Vision GP practices the SNOMED CT concepts will be added to the following sections; contra-indication, diagnosis, immunisation, microbiology & other investigations. TPP sections are to be confirmed.

The MIG GP Journal View displays all contacts and observations over the last 12 months and includes GP notes/annotations. Where a healthcare professional records multiple items within a consultation or template, the information is displayed as one encounter within the Journal View.

In some regions, EMIS GP datasets have been updated to include frailty indicators to support healthcare professionals in making informed decisions.

These are the terms we have added:

Canadian Study of Health and Aging clinical frailty scale (Rockwood)
Edmonton frail scale
Frailty Index


At Healthcare Gateway, we are fully committed to supporting the NHS in providing real-time patient information during this critical period. If you’re facing challenges and need support to make data available to front line staff, please contact us.

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