Health Tech Predictions 2020

Peter Anderson portrait

Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Healthcare Gateway shares his predictions for health tech and interoperability in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2020, here at Healthcare Gateway we believe we will see a reinvigorated drive in digital health technology.

We hope to see the Local Health and Care Records (LHCREs’) plans mature as they look to implement solutions to meet the NHS requirements.

The move to using FHIR profiles across health and social care will gain momentum.  We are committed to supporting our customers with this, progressing the work we have done with the real-time sharing of social care information with the wider health and care economy, achieving success in a number of hackathons using FHIR profiles alongside RESTful APIs.  As national FHIR standards mature and become more common place, we anticipate system suppliers being willing and able to share more data in a slick and efficient way. The use of RESTful services using FHIR standards will allow for more intuitive messaging, allowing pull, view, analyse, post, update all on the fly in real-time.

We anticipate better connectivity between health and care in a structured way. Use cases are all important, The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) has been able to provide structured data for a number of years. The demand has been high, but the use cases not really formulated. We see these coming to the forefront as suppliers are mandated to share information in a structured format.

The challenges we foresee are the speed at which every supplier can meet LHCREs’ needs. Varying suppliers will be working more closely together to meet a demanding schedule of developments.  Healthcare Gateway are ready for this and excited to enhance the work we have been doing for the last nine years to support record sharing across health and social care organisations.