Gloucestershire CCG – 100% of people agree that the MIG drastically improves patient safety

GP practices across Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group have been accessing and sharing patient records via the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to save up to 2.5 hours of clinician time each day.

Six units from Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust took part in the pilot including the Diabetes unit, Podiatry, and Integrated Community teams.

A survey of users who took part in pilot was conducted. 100% of those who were surveyed said that having access to GP records drastically improves patient safety. Patients and clinicians were satisfied as explicit consent is always gained from the patient at the point of care.

Bolaji Jegede Project Manager at NHS South Central and West Commissioning Group said that “Having access to GP records at your fingertips makes a huge difference. Clinicians would usually have to make a phone call or gain this information via fax or email. Having a real time view when you need it and not even having to log into the system undoubtedly saves time and improves patient safety.”

What were the benefits?

Practices recorded saving up to 2.5 hours a day of clinician time with access to GP records via the MIG. This was achieved by saving time in finding or checking patient information, medicines reconciliation and managing a presenting clinical situation.

Bolaji added that “The MIG provides a major change in the way people work. It’s quick to display the data you need when you need it, making a real difference at the point of care. I would definitely recommend the MIG.”