East Midlands Ambulance Service – Sharing patient data to enhance emergency care

East Midlands Ambulance Service

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) are using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) to access valuable patient information.


We’ve worked with Connected Nottinghamshire since 2015, to improve patient care across Nottinghamshire.

Using the MIG they’ve connected a wide range of different health and social care organisations across the county to share real time patient information.

Most recently we worked with them to provide EMAS with access to the MIG.

EMAS deal with a wide range of emergencies each day from patients who require critical care. Their clinical assessment team (CAT) consists of paramedics and nurses who work in the emergency operations centres.

The CAT carry out enhanced clinical assessments for patients who’ve dialled 999 but didn’t meet the requirements for an emergency ambulance.

What did they do?

We used the Shared Record Viewer to provide EMAS with a wide range of primary care information.
In doing so, this allowed clinicians in their emergency operation centres to immediately access information about those who had called the service.

This meant they had more information to clinically assess the individual, which helped to save time and improve the delivery of service.

How have they benefited from the MIG?

Neil Spencer, Service Improvement Manager for EMAS was involved in the project and explained how EMAS had benefited from SRV;

“Being able to access real-time information from the MIG is crucial for emergency care services. With the volume of emergency calls received each day, the CAT need all the information they can gather about a patient to advise them on the most appropriate care pathway. Having this information at their fingertips makes it easier for them to provide an accurate and timely response to a medical emergency.”

What next?

EMAS paramedics will pilot the MIG as a way of accessing patient’s records on their Toughbook devices.

The patient’s NHS number will be the common identifier and used to transfer information between departments in EMAS. This will help staff to access to access important patient information from SystmOne GP practices.

Enabling paramedic crews to access patient information through the MIG will make it easier and quicker for them to make informed emergency decisions. It will also help them to choose the best care pathway for the patient.

Connect your trust

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