Connecting you to social care data, in real time, when and where you need it.


We’re delighted to announce that bi directional Social Care Interoperability is now available, in real time via The Medical interoperability Gateway (MIG).

By collaborating with our partner Liquidlogic, we have enabled them as a provider of social care data, to share their system data via the MIG. This is a vital step in creating joined up care between health and social care organisations. Enabling feeds of social care data will help frontline staff to understand the full context of a patient’s care and will aid co-ordination between different teams, preventing escalating social care needs.

This service will make it faster and easier for Local Authorities to share information back to any healthcare setting giving all care providers a comprehensive view of a citizen to provide appropriate action and pathways. The MIG will provide HTML views from the Liquidlogic Adult content store system as a specified dataset. Real time feeds of social care data include patient demographics, allocated case worker, associated carer, disability, risk type and case details.

Speaking about this two-way information sharing, a spokesperson at Liquidlogic says:

“Social care and health interoperability via the MIG is live in a number of Liquidlogic sites. As ever, we are always keen to facilitate secure and appropriate information sharing between health and social care. The MIG supports Local Authorities to do this in a tried and tested way.”

Our customer, Cumbria County Council have successfully completed a pilot of the new dataset that will be rolled out across the region to feed social care data into the Trust.

“To provide the best care possible for citizens we (health & social care) need to be able to share the right information in real time to our front line staff. Working with our Adult Social Care colleagues in Cumbria and utilising the MIG functionality has realised the vision of bi-directional real time record sharing and will clearly benefit service users and staff, helping to make us a great place to be cared for and a great place to work.” Dr William Lumb, GP Sedbergh and Clinical Lead East integrated Care Community, Clinical Director Integrated Services Care Group, Bay Health & Care Partners, Chief Clinical Information Officer (Integration, Bay Health and Care Partners.

“The programme of work in Cumbria demonstrates the value of social care data and how it is essential to join up care to provide better patient experience. We are proud to be the first offering this dataset in real time to provide integrated care between the NHS and Local Authorities. At Healthcare Gateway we strive to extend our offering of health and care datasets to support healthcare professionals working more closely and effectively together.” Liam King, Director of Commercial and Customer Experience.

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