Connected Nottinghamshire

The MIG was deployed in 2015 as part of the Connected Nottinghamshire programme, which aims to integrate different medical systems across Nottingham.

Previously NHS Nottinghamshire had shared patient information through a range of unconnected systems. This created problems for patients who require treatment from non GP services.

Since the MIG was deployed, they have reduced unnecessary A&E admissions by increasing access to primary care through out of hours’ services. They have also reduced the cost of unnecessary and repeated medical testing.

Phase two of the programme was completed in April this year and included additional datasets and new data consumers.

How have they benefited?

An independent benefit analysis of the MIG was conducted by NHIS direct with clinical staff. The report concluded:

  • 83% of clinicians felt the MIG had improved patient safety.
  • 92% of clinicians thought the MIG had enabled them to improve their overall care for patients.
  • 67% of clinicians thought they had been able to clinically assess patients more quickly than before they had MIG access.
  • 75% of clinicians perceived the MIG access had helped with prescribing decisions.
  • 75% of clinicians perceived that MIG access had helped them to make better informed decisions around referring and planning patients care.
  • 60% of clinicians thought MIG had saved approximately two minutes out of a 15 minute appointment slot. This equates to a cost avoidance of 32 minutes a daily session or two extra appointment slots per day per clinician for the weekend servic).

Sharing data to improve care

Andy Evans, Programme Director for Connected Nottinghamshire delivered a presentation at our Sharing data to improve care event in Cambridge on 17 October. The presentation was very well received and explained how the MIG has been successfully rolled out across the region. Andy is also part of our advisory group, which helps to scope the future direction of the business.

To find out more about the Connected Nottinghamshire project, pleases read our case study.

What next?

The MIG is viewed more than 25,000 each month by care providers across Nottinghamshire. It has become a mid-long term solution and will support their STP transformation of service across the local health and care community.