Cleric partners with the MIG

Cleric Computer Services Ltd have now completed the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) accreditation process.

Cleric supply health, social and special needs passenger transport logistics systems to the public and private sectors.

This accreditation was initiated by North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NEAS), who are using Cleric’s RESPOND-2 application.

Once the MIG has been fully integrated, staff in the NEAS emergency control centre will be able to use RESPOND-2 to view live patient information. Being able to immediately access information about those who have called the service will help them to provide a fast, high quality service.

“Our partnership with Cleric is a real step forward for the business. By integrating the MIG with the RESPOND-2 application, it means we can now offer the Ambulance Trusts views of patient data in their host system. We’re delighted to be part of the NEAS project and look forward to working with Cleric in the future.” Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Healthcare Gateway.

“We’re proud to be supporting first responders in ambulatory services. This partnership further strengthens the MIG’s many to many any to any connectivity” Liam King, Head of Sales and Marketing, Healthcare Gateway.

“From a NEAS perspective, this will now allow our clinicians working in the operations centre, access to patient related information which in turn will help them to make a more informed decision about how best to respond or refer patients onto other appropriate services. Both Cleric and Healthcare Gateway have worked in a true partnership to deliver this exciting development. This is a great step forward and we look forward to working with both suppliers to further develop access to this information in additional scenarios” Paul Nicholson, Assistant Director of IM&T, North East Ambulance Service.

To find out more about the accreditation process and the benefits of integrating with the MIG, go to the supplier section of our website.