Electronic Clinical Correspondence

Electronic Clinical Correspondence (ECC) provides an instant, secure way of exchanging clinical documents.

Messages are seamlessly delivered between healthcare systems and can be attached to a patient’s GP record.

The sender receives an electronic receipt once the message has been delivered. Further acknowledgement is provided once the message has been filed or rejected by the recipient.

What are the benefits?

ECC can help your organisation to:

  • send 24-hour discharge summaries
  • reduce printing and postage costs
  • save up to 18 hours of GP admin (scanning and inputting paper documents) each week
  • track the delivery of correspondence to eliminate lost letters
  • ensure medical records are accurate and current.

Which documents can be sent?

ECC can be used to send the following file types:

  • PDF.
  • Word 97/2003.
  • RTF.
  • HTML.
  • Kettering
  • CDA (HL7 V3).

What’s the cost?

The cost for ECC is based on the number of documents sent each year. To find out how we can tailor a package for you, call 0845 601 2642 or request a quote.